Saturday 9 September 2023

Genrifinaldy's Poems

  La Voragine infernale by Botticelli

The Outcry of Silence

can we just knock on the sky & tell god to stop character development? we are at the max level. this is our final patience to endure the twinge of tragedy. & our last bravery to face the lethal uncertainty.

hello there... Plath? Dylan? is it completely empty up there? no one is there?



Every Dawn

i muse about
perpetually enlarged
cosmos while almost
constantly feeling back-pain,
sudden nauseas, random
migraine, impromptu eerie,
& simultaneously thinking: 
“could one rosy afternoon
i merely lay down on
my girlfriend's thigh
in the quiet park. discussing
Monet's painting or
Dostoevsky's novel. play
Morrissey's or
Beach House's songs.
watch Pasolini's or
Ingmar's movies.
for a moment forget
the untolerable horror
of life's trial & terror.
is it too much
to actualize for?”




in the midst of
four thousand two hundred
confident belief systems
& three thousand
omnipotent beings,
heaven knows
she's the only religion
that i will ever believe.
the only god
that i will ever worship.

she's the only myth
that i will ever need.
heaven knows...



Traveller's Tales

in the morning,
i walked barefoot
to the east. there,
i found artificial lights.
those mystical rays
bring peace. calming
the hidden storm
in my mind. i started
to realize this is the home
of tranquillity. i found beauty
lotus thrives on filthy mud.
the pacify of incense.
all the void in every part
of my soul is magically fulfilled.

at night,
i headed to the west.
& found a house.
burned house. there
are too many living corpses.
their tongue was the
sharpest sword that an
unbreakable shield
could imagine. in their
eyes, i see the highest god
suicide & the cemetery
of hope. the birth of
raven, the death of dove. 
i found no one could
take a rest. no one can
emotionally recover
from toward the west.

in the middle of the night,
i want to come home. but
as soon as i headed to
the west, i remember that
the east disappeared into
the nothingness. i'm homeless
now. don't have a home.
nor a house.




my whole life
is a labyrinth;

designed by
another version
of Daedalus.
to hold the unbearable
naked truth. to taming
the beast within me.
my primal destructive self.
has an insatiable appetite
to annihilate
ten thousand prophets.

“i have a sublime longing
for cinematic catastrophe!
the downfall of David!”
said the Goliath
inside my flesh.